Weekly Worship

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Just because we can’t meet in our building at the moment doesn’t mean that we should stop being a church.

Steve has prepared a service sheet which can be downloaded below, with the suggestion that at the usual time on Sunday Morning in our own homes we settle down and use it. As you are doing that, you will know that all your friends from Church are doing the same thing in their own home.

At 3:00 set a few minutes aside for prayer. If the words don’t come then simply use the Lord’s Prayer. And at 7:00 for a few minutes place a torch or a lantern by a window – best not a candle as we don’t want to have get the fire brigade out! – just to remind ourselves that Jesus is the light of the world.

Take good care of yourselves. Be blessed by the God who loves you, and pass that blessing on in the ways you can.

Each week, pop back to this page – we will try and keep it updated!